Drs Rhiannon and Vincent Fogliati

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Welcome to Fogliati Clinical Psychology

Located in Croydon, in Sydney’s Inner West, Fogliati Clinical Psychology is the practice of clinical psychologists Dr Vincent Fogliati and Dr Rhiannon Fogliati.

Both Rhiannon and Vincent are registered clinical psychologists and Board-approved supervisors. Having completed postdoctoral research fellowships, they both have experience contributing to the development of psychological treatments, and in providing evidence-based clinical services across face-to-face and telehealth settings.

Vincent and Rhiannon founded Fogliati Clinical Psychology based on shared values regarding psychological care. Their treatment approach is guided by the following principles:

  • Applying evidence-based therapeutic approaches and techniques
  • Empowering clients to manage their own mental health and wellbeing
  • Measuring progress towards relevant treatment outcomes and sharing this tracking transparently with clients
  • Providing person-centred care that recognises clients’ own expertise, goals, and strategies
  • Taking a holistic perspective to help clients create a meaningful and valued life
  • Providing a safe, confidential, inclusive, and respectful space

For more information about Rhiannon and Vincent’s qualifications and approaches to treatment, please explore our team pages.